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Feb 3, 2015
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Hemel hempstead
I am qualified in gel nails and looking at doing gel extensions.
My sister is getting married this year and wants me to do her extensions for her so thought I would start practising on her.
I'm not going to do any on others except for family for the practise because obviously I'm not qualified.
I've had gel extensions in the past but I was wondering I know how to put tips on be have I've done then before but what steps after and what gel should I use after the tips and can j then use normal gels like gelish etc?
This is not what you want to hear unfortunately, and I'm not sorry, but it would be really irresponsible to give you advice on how to do extensions yourself if you do not have the knowledge of a qualification- that's not what this forum is for.

I understand you already do gel colour on natural nails, but learning to tip or sculpt an extension, and then correctly apply an enhancement gel is a whole different ball game.

It is not as simple as reading the instructions, buying what someone says to buy, and cracking on with it on a willing participant, and the underpinning knowledge and correct technique learnt in a class with a qualified educator is very important BEFORE you practice.

Please consider the safety of yourself and your sister and either qualify before her wedding, direct her to someone else, or help her to grow and maintain her own nails so that you can gel polish them for her.

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