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Feb 10, 2004
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Castleford, West Yorkshire
i have seen the new brisa products in the nail shop, i have only done a course for acrylic nails...i would like to do gel nails but i have never done any course on gel, do creative do a foundation course on brisa gel nails....?
if so how long is the course and how much? how long does it take to do a set of gel nails? is it hard to do gel???....any help would be much appriciated as i really have no idea on this!
thanks Kat xxx
Hi Kat, i am a gel lover, but as far as i am aware you can only do a brise gel conversion if you have been doing the gel system for 12 months or something but im sure someone will tell you, as for gel itself i find it extremely easier than L&P and at the moment am NSI Balance Gels which i find great to work with, L&P does seem to be the most popular system locally to me but i have always had gel on my nails and would never have anything else x x
Sorry Kat with regards to how long does it take it depends on how quickly you work im a slow coach lol! i have however increased my speed a little but it still takes me about 2 hours or longer and ive been doing it for over a year, im hoping as i get more confident it will be easier x
Hi, I have just sent off for details of the creative courses and they do a Brisa 4 day foundation course that costs £575 + vat, that includes a brisa professional kit worth £127, Brisa lamp worth £141 and nail trainer worth £149 (still more than Ive got though LOL) they also do a Brisa Gel conversion course for £199 + vat that includes a kit with enough product to complete 40 sets and a lamp. says the conversion course is advanced so if youve already done your training this is the course for you! (not sure wether you have to have done gel before though? not very clear in leaflet) I am using NSI balance gel at the moment - never done gel before and just bought a sample kit for £20 to give it a go and its the best stuff ive ever used! so much easier than l&p, the only thing im concerned about that i havent come across yet is that it has to be buffed off not soaked off, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Hope that helps
thanks for all your help, can you buy a sample kit to try? just incase i am really crap at gel or do i have to pay the £500 like the acrylic course?

think i may have to go and have a set of gel nails on and see what its all about! i have never had any on before but they do look long am i under the lamp???
the L&P makes me cough sometimes even if i put a mask on, does the gel do the same? or shall i buy an oxygen tank! lol
Kat xxx

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