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Apr 4, 2016
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Hi Everyone

I wondered if I could get anyone's advise on courses for nail extensions.
I am starting my beauty therapy level 2 this year but I am really interested in nails and hoping to gain some skills in this too.
I have seen essential nail courses but I don't know if studying gel over acrylic is better? Where would be best to start?
If anyone can recommend any nail courses other than essential nails around London/Surrey area that would be great too :)

Thank you
It's usually recommend to study acrylic before gel, as it's harder to master but once you do then you're flying. I'm guessing you will be doing manicure on your level 2? If not then that's where you will need to start.

Being able to get face to face training rather than online is usually advised, as you can see the screen but then screen can't see you, and correct you before you pick up bad habits, but some people swear by essential courses.

Brand training is usually best as they will teach you how to use that specific product and how it behaves and will be able to follow you with aftercare when the course has finished and be able to help with any problems you're having.

You can also do courses with capital hair and beauty and salon services, they have places in the London/Surrey area, that's where I am too!

Hth and good luck with your level 2 x
Thanks for your reply!

Perhaps I am best to wait until I have done my manicure on level 2 before attempting anything then, I am just a bit impatient lol.

I will look at Capital Hair thanks again x

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