gel overlay with nailvarnish between each layer?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Ive had a client ask if they can have gel over lay & nail colour with glitter.I havnt go any coloured gel(gel polish).So if i put one layer of clear gel then of all the colours she wants black nail varnish,put that over the gel.Then use the glitter gel for the top coat.Will the gel lift?Or not even take to the varnish.Also as u dont go to the side walls or cuticle area with the gel,if you do this with the varnish it will look bad?Ive got a week to sort this out.Im gona try on my nails to see if it works.Either using ibd or nobilty gel.
people on here have tried gel over enamal and its had a mixed result...definately to hit and miss to do on clients.....becouse the gel has to adhere to either a dull surface (prepped nail or buffed gel) or its own sticky surface (after curing) then i cant see how it would successfully adhere to enamel.

I would do the overlays as normal and then paint them black and do the glittery nail art afterwards. Enamel lasts ages on overlays and at least this way when she gets sick of her black nails she can just remove afterwards with nail polish remover and she will be left with a lovely french/natural underneath. x
Thankyou.wiil try that one first.

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