Gel overlays lifting (millenium system)

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I trained with the millenium gel system 5 months back and have been doing about 1 - 2 sets of gel nails a week since then. I mainly do french overlays on natural nails, when I've done them I'm pleased with the results and so are the clients, however some of them are lifting within a week around the sidewalls.

I've tried several different methods of application to try and overcome this, as well as trying a specific bonder product and acidless nail primer, but no joy. I then went back to my Educators (twice) for further advice to check my prep work and application is correct, but I feel like I've got no further

I've now ordered a new gel system (nubar) to see if I work better with that - it seems a thicker gel and there's some prep products which I couldn't get for the millenium system (I was trained to use acetone to dehydrate the nail, but have heard this isn't a great method)?

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? One particular client who seems to suffer with the lifting has very very short nails with skin above the FE but insists on having french overlays on natural nails, which means I struggle to cap without getting some gel on the end of the finger, however the lifting for her is on the sidewalls too.

Please help! x
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Some clients are bad with anything ... for goodness sakes :lol: look at the state of their nails when they come to you ... THAT should tell you exactly what they think of their nails and the lack of care they give to them .. they will usually treat enhancements with the same lack of respect.

Having said that you also have to look at the quality of the products too and enough said about that! :lol: I'm sure you will find Nubar a much better product for lasting.

I also trained using Millenium products back in October, and to be honest I haven't found the back up service great and their website seems to have disappeared! I've only done a few sets of L&P and some gels on myself which have all lifted. Now as I'm very new I do think it's more my fault, but I am looking to convert very soon.....

Hi everyone,
iam training in acrylic at the moment (not with millenium tho), I had acrylic enhancments done last year using the millenium system and i was disgusted with them tbh!!. They pinged off the first day and i treat my nails with great respect.
Would never ever use them again and wouldnt buy them products to use on my future clients, sorry but that is just my opininon. Thanks:confused: