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Feb 28, 2012
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Hi I'm doing a gel over lay on a client later and then orly gel fx on the top... Can anyone tell me if I need to buff the over lay down to allow the gel fx to grip to the surface of the nail or do I just cleanse prime. Base coat and colour as normal?
I just want to check as its the first time I have combined the 2 treatments together
Many thanks
I don't use gel fx, but I'm sure it's the same as using any gel polish over an overlay/enhancement. Buff the surface of the overlay with a 180 grit file, cleanse, and proceed with the gel polish without base. To remove, file off the gel polish.
It's probably too late now but chickafish is right.
No need for the base coat after refining the shape with a 180 grit file.

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Thanks guys.... I was an idiot I didn't realise my led lamp wouldn't cure naive balance gel.. So I couldn't do it I still did the gel manicure though.. Fortunately the client was only my gran :/ how embarrassing would that have been on a paying client

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