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Jan 12, 2003
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Can anyone help me with this (Hi Ruth!). I did the most beautiful sculpt on my ring finger a couple of nights ago using Calgel. I was so proud of it, it was probably the best one I've ever done - for apex, balance and smile. Next morning -disaster!!!! the free edge had become mis-shapen and one side had 'turned in'. I'm constantly practising my sculpts and have never had this happen before. Hope I'm answering my own question here - do you think the gel wasnt cured properly?, if thats not it then I havent a clue ........HELP!
Now I'm not the most proficient with gels compared to some, but I would think that it would take a longer "cure" time for the white FE's in consideration that the white is opaque and the UV cannot penetrate to the lower/bottom part of the sculpted FE. If this is the case, then you have two options: 1. Once the free edge is "frozen" for about 20-30 seconds, apply gel to the nail bed and "freeze"; then, remove the nail form and continuing curing and finishing the nail as usual and finally turning the handover to cure the underside of the extension, or 2. You might try Young Nails new gel forms. They are clear and should allow a thorough and complete cure of the extension/FE. Hope this helps. Let me know what happens and best of luck! :D
Yep me thinks you have answered your own question there..........

The whites if I am not mistaken will take sometimes longer to cure......
specially if they are sitting on a foil base ................
Try this, after you have finished the nail, place your hand back under the light upside down..Sometimes the foils can slow the curing process, it will feel fully cured on the top, because the clear or pink take less curing time............
hope I made sense here as I know what I mean lol ....... hope you do too
love Ruth xxxx
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