Gel running away help!!!


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Nov 17, 2007
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Hi Everyone really hope you can help me!!!

I use NSI Balance gel and the problem I have is after appling the builder gel creating nice apex arch and c curve by the time I've done the next nail it has all run into the side walls and is as flat as anything. I've been curing each nail seperately and working on the other hand while I do this but it seems such a faf!:mad:

Sometimes I think I'm using too much product but when I try to use less I don't seem to get the shape I want and sometimes it still runs anyway!!!

Hope I make sense!!
Love Elles x x:grr:
Have you tried freeze or flash curing each nail for just 10 or 20 seconds. this will hold your shape and then cure all nails for the full time when you have done the 5 on that hand.
yup freeze curing will do it. work on nail of hand 1...apply gel and pop in lamp for 10 secs..while thats doing work on nail of hand 2...keep switching like that and you will not be waiting.

I prefer i non self levelling gel for building...i can do all 5 nails in one go.
Thank you for that, i will try the flash curing method and will look into trying some non self levelling gel for the builder layer.
I have just been so frustrated with losing all my hard work into getting the ideal shape!!

I have only just come across this site and think it's fab, I've learn't more in half an hour than ever just reading other posts!

Love Elles x x
You are welcome Elles and a very big welcome to the geek site too.

Do try the flash curing first before you buy any other gel as you may find that this solves your problem without having to buy other gels.
You can find doing 2 nails at a time and then flash curing for 20 secs helps as well. Be careful that the gel isn't too warm as this may make it too runny if you find it is just pop the pot in to a glass of cold water for a while making sure the water only comes up to just below the lid. L x
Thank you everyone, I'm so glad I found this site! x x x:)
I use balance and find that 2 fingers and freeze works well, sometimes i do one at a time and alternate each hand too.

I have the opposite problem that my gel is too cold atm, have to sit on it for 20 mins to warm it up whilst prepping :lol:
what do you find is the best brush to use as I need to invest in a couple more

thank you x x x
I use one from At your fingertips, just google it and it comes up.

Its a small flat one with a pink handle. I use this for everything except the radiant white sculptor, I use an orangewood stick for that


Rachel x
Thank you, I found the web site and added it to favourites so I can browse for other stuff on there too
As I trained with NSI I tend to just use their site but I guess there's a whole world of nail suppliers out there to be tested!

Elles x x

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