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Feb 27, 2012
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Hi Geeks,
First post so please be gentle!
This morning I put pink lily gelicure on my own nails. Followed all the prep to the letter, used the whole system, followed curing times correctly. Anyway, this evening, it has ALL come off! Every single nail has lifted and peeled off. Now gelicure is tricky to get off at the best of times so this was somewhat of a surprise! It's the first time I've used this colour, I had Bois de rose on for the previous 2 weeks which I put on in exactly the same way and that was fine.
Have any other geeks had this problem with pink lily or any other gelicure colour? I'm thinking of asking a friend to have it on and see what happens, what do you think?

It's interesting that you should say this... Pink Lily was released last summer, and was recalled within a matter of weeks. It only got re-released last month and I was dying to get it as it makes a lovely substitute to Electric Touch for doing French.

A lot of my returning clients recently have told me how their nails haven't lasted as long as normal, and I've noticed it's when I've used Pink Lily...

Isn't that strange...? Xx
I have only ever had this with my own nails. I don't have pink lily but it has happened with other colours albeit not every nail.

I can only assume with myself that my pep was not thorough enough.

However it could be the colour, I would contact Palms.

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Thanks girls, I will give Palms a ring.
When you remove your previous colour, do you make sure your nailplate is not saturated with acetone before applying your next coat of colour?

Do you wash and then make sure your nails are completely dry before proceeding with your new colour?

I think often people remove and re-apply (particularly when doing our OWN nails) without the same care and attention to detail as we use on clients. Think carefully about this. Putting new colour straight onto a nail that has been soaking in acetone for a period of time is not a good recipe for great adhesion.

A supplier will probably not mention this becsuse it is CND education. :biggrin:
Hi Geeg,

Thanks for your comments. I actually left it 2 days between taking the last colour off and putting the new colour on to give my nails a bit of a break but that's definitely something worth remembering. I think you're right, working on your own nails is always different to a client's which is why I thought I would ask a friend to have it put on to see if that fairs any better.

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