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Jan 22, 2010
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Surrey/Hampshire border England
Does anyone have a photo of Gelicure - Lustful Red,Vampire Red & Enchanted next to each other?

I want to take advantage of Gelicure's 3 for 2 offer which starts tomorrow (27th April) but not sure what these 3 look like or how similar they are to each other or the Gelish reds I already have.x
I do have pictures but my phone won't allow me to put them on using salon geek app. I only have lustful red and vampire red and they are both gorgeous!
Lustful red is not as loud as the sexy red in Gelicure collection. More of a blood red, and vampire red is much much deeper, almost brown looking sort of. I will put a link to my Facebook page - if you go onto my photos on that page and go to the GELICURE photo album, i have a colour wheel photo which show both reds on there. they are not next to each other though but on the same colour wheel.Hope that helps.

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