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Little Lady

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Sep 16, 2013
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Hi, I'm using the Gelish LED clear builder nail gel with dual forms to create more length. I've used it before with an LED lamp and the flash cure time is 3 seconds. It says it can be used with a UV lamp too but timing for flash curing would be longer. Anyone know how long for a flash cure using a UV lamp?
I've just checked your prior posts & assume you're a professional but it would be a good idea to fill out your profile.

10 secs or thereabouts. Flash curing isn't really precise & rigid.

Being nosey but why are you using dual forms? :D
Hi Willowrose, yes I'm a professional. Just trying out the dual forms as haven't used them in a while and I like the results. Thanks for the tip on trying it for 10 secs, it's just to keep it in place until I get all 5 forms in place then I'd obviously cure all of them for the full time.
The problem with dual forms is it isn't very precise & there's a much greater risk of overexposure to partially cured products. It's more of a diy technique.

But obviously do whatever works for you - it's just something to bear in mind :)

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