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Lipstick Kisses

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Mar 20, 2012
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Hi everyone, I know you shouldnt buy proffessional products from ebay etc as they may not be genuine but does the same apply to Amazon? should I steer clear or are they just cheaper because they are straight from the US? Need some advice as i love gelish and want more colours asap!
thanks =)
Unless its through Harmony selling through Aamzon, you may as well buy from Ebay. Its no different. Anyone can set up to sell on Amazon (I do it myself) so you have no guarentee it is actually Gelish inside those bottles. And you wont be insured.
Just buy your products from the genuine suppliers and forget it. (You can get next day delivery from Harmony if you need Gelish asap)
ok thank you, i didnt realise anyone could sell there i thought you had to be a genuine supplier =) I will order from nail harmony =)
If you want to save a bit of money then you can order them through Sallys on VAT free day :biggrin:
I know its soo tempting to buy from the ebay, amazon, and others, but it hurts our industry in many ways. I keep my cost down by buying at the right time. Here the local professional beauty supply offers 10%. off every other month on the first Monday of that month. I try to make a list and stock up!! every bit helps!! :) Have a sunny day!! :)
Salon services are offering, buy 3 get one half price. That'll be even more of a saving on VAT free day.

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