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Mar 17, 2012
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I am starting to worry. Pretty new to gelish and had lady tonight. It took me 1hour 15min!!! I obviously prepared nail, 3 coats of hot rod red then 1 coat of vegas nights over top. She seemed happy. Maybe Im being to pernickity??????? HELP any tips to quicken up
Don't worry hun - as I always say "you can't rush perfection"! If you're using a UV lamp then I'd say for a beginner you're not doing bad at all! I use an LED lamp and it's still taking me around an hour (even longer if we're chatting too much!) to do a full set. Not been doing it too long myself either but I think most techs will tell you that the more you do it the quicker you will get. I'm sure you'd rather have a set of nails that you're really proud of and took your time with than not be so pleased with the outcome because you rushed them - that's what I've been telling myself when I keep thinking it takes too long. :biggrin:
Been doing gel polish myself since march 2011 and more recently Gelish ....I take a good hour sometimes over. I am very finickity too.

There are hundreds of threads on this topic already tho, do a little search :)

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Thank you! Yes I just sometimes panic at how long I take!
It can take me anywhere from 45 mins to 1hr &15 mins depending on what they have. Some colours I do 3/4 coats, extra time for glitter & nail art etc. as long as yor fully happy with your work & your client is too! That's the most important thing! I certainly don't think your taking TOO long. :)
Dont worry, Ive been doing Gelish since Jan/Feb and I take 1hr 30mins! That includes setting up and packing away and thats just a basic gelish!

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