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Apr 6, 2010
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Im looking to add one of these treatments to my services but unsure which to go for :rolleyes:
Does anyone know anywhere in Scotland that does these courses?
and which would u recomend?
Also does any of these courses accept ILA?
Thanks in advance x

I use Gellux and really like it, sorry I can't comment on the other brands as I haven't used them!

Good luck with whichever one you go with :)
Thanks for all the replys
The shellac course? do u need to purchase the kit to do the course? as the price includes the kit?
Hiya, I just done my shellac course at the fingertips centre in Edinburgh. It was a very worth while course, you dint need to buy a kit, but the course fee comes of the price of a kit! There are 2 kits, I bought the smaller one and still got my course fee of it. You also get a lovely large certificate! Very nice to display.
But I can just pay to do the course? Do you know if they accept ILA?
Thanks x
Yes, you can just pay the course? Dint know about ila
I think it depends on what you think your clients may want. I only have experience of Shellac and work only with natural nails. I wanted to use Shellac as I didn't want to use any Gel based products where I have to file/buff the natural nail plate and liked the quick, safe and easy removal of Shellac too. It ticked all the boxes for me and I felt it was a product that would be highly popular with my clients. So being very bias, I would highly recommend it :wink2:

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