Gellux removal nightmare, help


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May 10, 2012
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please can someone advise me of the best way to get Gellux Gel Polish off.

i have tried soaking the nails in soak of gel as recommended and resorted to soaking in Acetone and then having to file A LOT to get it off :sad: i have had this issue with both clients i have done this on so far and its a bit embarrasing when it doesnt come off, it feels like im doing more damage to their nails as having to file it all off. This is also very time consuming.

Any advice would be appreciate :)
Firstly there is quite a few threads on here so may be worth searching for this as it seems to be a common problem

Secondly I have no problems removing at all make sure you are only putting very thin costs on, buff off top cost soak a pad wrap in foul shiny side down and wrap in towels heat will help I can soak off in 15 mins.

But I did experience problems when applying too thick x
Thank u so much him

Was feeling a bit gutted coz I invested quite a lot in it before trying it properly n was worrying it was gona be a waste of money.

Spoke to someone at training solutions who gave me the same advice so will defo try it.
Do u use the bonder,base coat,colour n top coat?