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Aug 4, 2013
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My fiancé and I are looking at getting married in Italy, hopefully 2018. We are looking for authentic places that are off the beaten track. We don't have a particular area of Italy in mind just wondered if anyone has been married over there and could give any tips on areas, venues, planners that sort of thing

Thank you!
I got married in 2012 in ravello on the amalfi coast. It is the most jaw dropping beautiful place in the world. We stayed in amalfi town just down the road for 4 days before and and 3 days afterwards.
I can highly recommend the marina Rivera in amalfi town. The night before the wedding me and my mum stayed in the Caruso in ravello and we also had our wedding breakfast there.
It is literally so wonderful it makes me want to cry thinking about it haha!
We go back every year for our anniversary. We booked it all through Citalia and they were brilliant.
We were married in a small town hall all overlooking the amalfi coat by the Mayor of ravello.
The Italian wedding vows are beautiful too, really relevant.
Gina you look stunning x
Ah thanks, everyone does in a wedding dress! X
Oh my goodness!! that is a beautiful picture!
Thank you so much for sharing - I'm going to get researching!
Would you recommend hiring a wedding planner or was it quite easy to sort everything out yourself?

Thank you so much again! X
Aw thanks, it's just one taken on a phone. It's the only one I had on my phone

Citalia has a wedding planner. They book your hotels, flights, transport, wedding venue etc etc. Everything.
I would definitely use them, unless you speak good Italian.
They will tell you everything you need to get in the uk as well like your certificate of no impediment.
Your wedding planner meets you there and she can sort music, makeup, hair, flowers etc.
But I decided to do my own hair and makeup as it was €250 each with no trial. You can also pay extra for flowers but it's so beautiful you don't need them.
She will also meet you a couple of days before so you can choose your bouquet. I had white roses, white peonies and loads of white jasmine.

They say ravello is a town that is half way between the sea and the sky.
Very romantic.
When I've got time I'll post a pic of the area but they are on my computer, I only had that one of us on my phone

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