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Oct 21, 2011
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Northiam East sussex
Hi Guys we would like a little bit of feed back please if you could, we are looking into trying to get more men through the door and start advertising for male waxing etc.

Our website which the lovely Ruth has helped us with, has a more female twist please have a look.
All of our Fliers and business cards match with thanks to Carl.

But we are toying with the idea of having Carl putting a new set put together and calling it "Just 4 Men" and having a more manly feel to them and having a sub page on our website heading it "Just 4 Men"?

Does anyone have any thoughts about it ?

Kind Regards

Mandy Flood
Nail Technition & Beauty Therapist
With just 4 men the boxes of hair dye lining up supermarkets shelves springs to mind!! Lol...

Male waxing is a great business and if you can offer a good service using good products you will soon find a loyal client base.

Good luck with it all..

Hi jack thanks for the reply, at the moment we use euro blonde, and crystal ocean, would be interested to know what you use ideally wax for both would be ideal

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Both of these waxes are good waxes and suitable for both male and female waxing it's not necessary to use different waxes for each client group you would end up with lots of wax pots At the moment I am using Homme non strip wax and really loving it but a lot of clients also use it for female waxing it's used a lower temperature than euro blonde so good for all the intimate and sensitive waxing treatments.

If you have an opportunity to attend a discovery day you can try some of the other waxes and see if you prefer any of these.
Good luck x
I too am looking to increase the men we get through the door.

I am thinking of adding a Men's Treatment list - and putting all out treatments suitable for men in it. Then putting a note at the top/bottom to say that all treatments are available to both male and females (except intimate waxing) but here is a list of popular treatments for men .....

I was thinking if putting it on my pro lists aswell.

Jemima :)
HI Jack thanks for that we was hoping they would be suitable for both as we really like these two waxes, even if the new euro blonde looks like a pot of gold lol.

Jemima website looks great, ours is a little more girly so was worried it may put men off, again that was why maybethinking of doing some more masculine types card and fliers for men, maybe gone off the idea of just4men lol maybe decadence male grooming?
Decadence Male Grooming sounds much better !:biggrin:
The male grooming title sounds better. Also with your SEO you are more likely to get found using this title that perhaps the just 4 men one.

Good luck , in my experience male clients are very loyal when they find a service that suits, you should consider appointment times, how they can book etc as I find guys tend to like more evening appointments and a text system also suits a lot of my clients.

I have had lots of waxing treatments in various places and often no aftercare advice is given or offered and most guys don't discuss their waxing treatments with friends or colleagues the same way that girls may! So if you ensure you give good waxing aftercare advice or have it on your website for them this will be a real positive benefit as well.

I have a blog on my website which is mostly about waxing aftercare and the feedback from clients is that they find this really helpful especially for waxing virgins who have pre waxing questions about the service and how to manage their skin after.

I'm sure it will all go really well...

Thanks very much Jack we have made a start today so page is live on our website you given us a lot to think about ;)
I want to add male treatments to my list (doesn't matter whether they are gay/hetro or trans). I only do nails though, what search term would be the best for google?
Cos male grooming suggests, waxing, hairdressers, shaving etc, so would manicures but just like "male manicures" or is there a better search term i could use?
With SEO it's best to keep it simple and to use the terms that people would use to search on google/ bing etc to find you..
Male manicures and male pedicures in xxxx are the sort of search words I would use if I was looking for those treatments.

With SEO it's best to keep it simple and to use the terms that people would use to search on google/ bing etc to find you..
Male manicures and male pedicures in xxxx are the sort of search words I would use if I was looking for those treatments.


Thanks Jack, i thought so but i wanted to check. x

BTW Your shell mirror is bloody marvellous!! Love your room x
Thank you... I got two of them in a local auction room they are perfect and just wanted I wanted for my treatment area. X

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