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Mar 16, 2004
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Im getting really stressed now ive never had a problem with my gel system its always been with the white smile lines but since using the mtw im having really bad problems and just looked at my nail and across the white bit ive got a crack from the tip of the nail down to the point just before the white smile line finishes i cant understand why all these problems are coming up when im sure im doing everything right with the system its driving me nuts im constantly blaming it on the mtw but dont even know if it is that is anyone else experiencing problems with the mtw apart from the yellowing occurence or is it me doing something wrong if it is i cant seem to think of what? Ive done a previous thread on using a form as ive never used this but i seem to be having more problems now than before and the main problem was just getting a nice smile line pleeeeeeasssssssseeeeeee help im so confused!
Kells my advice is to do a process of elimination: the only way you can do that is to apply a new set on yourself, but dont use MTW. If you dont want to do permanent white then just go for the natural look ie. blend on tip and apply your gel. See what happens and if that's ok then its not your gel application. Hope this helps.
Thanks Caz, im just so confused to what is going wrong i did a full set on the receptionist and even though she has broken one there are no cracks from what i know of i know there may be some shrinkage but not sure what this looks like so cant pin point it, the one thats got a crack on mine is the thumb one that i keep having probs with all the rest are fine but it does look like a crack through the gel ive never had it before so dont know why its happened x

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