Girl renting a room from me. Advice please.


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Nov 20, 2008
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Hi I currently rent 2 rooms and a nail bar within a hairdressers, I pay £125 a week for this. I know a girl who has just completed a course in semi permanent eyelash extensions and I would really like to get her in to do them in the spare room i have which i currently use for tanning.

My question is how much would you guys charge? She has no clients as of yet hence wanting to come into the salon so she needs to build it up. should I charge her a daily rent when she comes in or per treatment and how much for either? hope someone can give me some advice from personal experience thanks xx
i would charge per service, as she is paying for the lashes i would tell her to work out the costs and then see how much profit she makes per client, of that profit id ask for a percentage.
surely it is up to the salon owner to rent to her??? she sub-lets the rooms to u, u then cant rent them out yourself! i wouldnt allow this!
thanks ariya you were very helpful :) I was thinking of per service as well especially since she hasnt got any clients as of yet she might not do well to start with..

magentahair, the salon owner only deals with the hair salon not the beauty salon side of things and she is fine with it as long as she gets her rent on time every week.. which she does, but thanks for your input..
ok, so i'd charge a percentage to start with until she builds up, and then £25-£30 per day.:green:
Hi i would charge a minimal rent so that she has a chance to get busy, with a view to a review at the end of every month or so. If the rooms not used that much then at least your getting some kind of revenue. Also its another service youll be offering, and depending on your original landlord im sure that the more treatments you offer the more clientele it will bring into the salon. but i would check first, but dont be surprised if they decide to put rent up.
hi, i am in irvine and i have been in a salon in prestwick over the summer holidays doing minx as the salon owner did not have time to train and alot of her clients were asking for them. She took 10% from each set i did which i paid her at the end of each week. She has now brought in another girl who offers minx and is looking to start charging us a daily rent, as I am now going to be splitting the clients with someone else I am going to leave as its not going to be worth my while staying there. I suggest sticking with a percentage until they have enough of their own clients to afford a rent. hth. sheri

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