Glitter & Foil in Acrylic


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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi All,

I've recently brought some nail art foil and was thinking of setting it in acrylic tips rather than just sticking it on the top of the tips.

I was just wondering if this would work or if it would have a bad reaction with the acrylic?

Has anyone else done this? If so, what was the result? Has anyone tried it with normal glitter too?


My, you`re adventurous aren`t you Karen, wouldn`t have even thought of doing that. Can`t wait for replies
I like the idea! ;-) The foil may crack as a reaction if there is one, I havent tried it though. But hey - how do know until you've tried it?!?!

So how would you do it exactly? :?

Would the prep be done, then the tip put on, blended in, the foil put on and then the acrylic placed over?

Wouldn't it have trouble sticking because you have to remove shine before you put acrylic on don't you? :? I could be completely wrong, but hey that's me! :oops:
I was thinking of putting one layer of clear acrylic on the tip then placing a few bits of the foil on the acrylic and then covering it with more acrylic - kinda like a sandwich.

I was hoping as it was only a small piece of foil the shine wouldn't be too much of a problem as the acrylic around the edges would adhere???

With the glitter I was thinking of mixing it in with the clear powder and using it for tips as a normal white powder!

Whaddya fink???


What happens when you are fed up with the design you have done in foil would mean you have to file the acrylic off to change designs :shock:
which would take a lot longer than just taking the foil off the top (just a thought)
Also with the glitter...the acrylics that have glitter in them is very very fine and buffs up smooth not sure if normal glitter would have the same effect .have you tried boogie nights by Ezflow they are fab.
Take care Dawnie xx
Hi Dawnie,

Yes, I thought it could be like permenanet nail art. I'm sure I've seen it done somewhere, but can't remember where - an add or something maybe!

To solve the buffing problem I thought I could put a layer of clear acrylic on top.

I've got some glitter by nailgraphix from nailsplusbeauty. Really cool glitters - rhinestone cowboy, like a virgin and millenium - I just wondered if I could experiment with other stuff.

I'm worried that normal foil or glitter may react with the acrylic and turn it green or something? I guess, I'll just have to have a practice on the nail trainer and see what happens!? :D

Practice away but don`t forget to let us know how you get on.
With regards to the glitter, if you use normal glitter mixed in with the acrylic powder, it`ll be heavier and sink to the bottom won`t it? Not sure how you`d get on with doing it that way.
I'll have a play around at the weekend and let you know how it goes! :D

If anyone has any hints or tips before then I'd love to hear them!!! :D



It is possible and fun to embed all sorts of things in the clear acrylic and NO you should not have any reaction from the monomer unless the glitter you are using is plastic itself. I have used all sorts of metalic glitters from just a good art shop and got some great effects.

You are right to do a thin layer of clear FIRST and then apply whatever you are going to embed and then another layer of clear. The nail must be protected by the clear first and of course you need to do that for proper adhesion of the product to the nail.

To make glitter tips, just make a bead of clear or white or coloured acyrlic powders (whatever look you are going for) then dab the bead into your glitter to pick up the glitter and apply as normal. It buffs up beautifully whether it is fine or not.

Have fun.
It all sounds fun must do it myself one day when I get the time.....Thanks
Ooooooo, FANTASTIC!!! :D :D :D

I'm so glad you said it will work!!!

My boyfriends parents are visiting this weekend, but I hope to make some time to have a play!!!

Thank you Geeg and everyone else for your replies!

Will let you know how I get on!!!


:rabbit: :D
I have also used glitter from the craft stores and it has works great. I found some that are very fine that work well if you want to add a subtle (sp?) hint of shimmer. I also have use the the conffetti that is cut into neat shapes, but the smaller the design the better it works.
hi karen

i have embedded all sorts of things (gems, confettii, glitter, studs etc) and they have all worked fine you won't know till you give it a go so just have fun and go for it

:D :D
Being a novice to acrylic I have tried all sorts, as any one would lol
I love adding glitter to the clear powder and get playing.
Like geeg says clear layer first and then get playing, then finish of with a clear layer to encase it. if you do Buff to a high shine with some good old solar oil and you will be amazed what you can do with a litlle bit of imagination.
If you want after that you can add some handpainted art to it, dont forget to seal it then, with some top coat.

This is my first attempt, what do you think?????
I've placed silved foil in clear acrylic before and it was pretty neat. I'm a glitter junkie though....can't get enough.


I love those nails, I`m partial to a bit of glitter myself. It doesn`t look like foil, it looks like regular glitter, I`ve never done foiling, can you tell me how its done
WOW! Those are FAB, Patti! :D

I had a little play at the weekend and I've now got some nice glitter tips on. Just gotta figure out how to take a decent picture now!!!

Great nails patti loving the glitter myself at the moment
Beautiful nails Patti. I am also a big fan of glitter, and have just done a set of pink and whites with opal glitter in the white on myself.
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