Glitter French using Shellac .. how to.


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Feb 5, 2010
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Happy Friday everyone......xx

I am going to try and have a go at a Glitter French with Shellac this weekend and wondered if anyone can give me any tips for getting the glitter in the right place to make the perfect glitter smile line?????
You can pick glitter up on your brush and dab it where you want and then clean up the smile line with a dry brush OR

Place a little Shellac top coat .. just a few drops .. onto something you can mix on, and add some glitter to it and mix with an orangewood stick to create a 'paste' and then paint the glitter exactly where you want it to go .. Thanks to Holly Schippers for showing this technique recently ... it is also great for doing glitter fades (place some of the paste along the free edge line and then lightly brush back towards the eponychium to beautifully fade the glitter out ... very pretty). I believe Holly has posted a video on her facebook and youtube where you can see her demonstrating the glitter fade. HTH

It is very easy to do glitter French or Fades or rockstar toes with Shellac without needing to purchase special bottles or colours.
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Thanks Gigi, I was lucky enough to have been Holly's model for the Shellac Rock Star Toes Video. She is very talented and a wonderful person.

I will give the Glitter French a go, thanks for the tips


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