Glitter pre-mixed acrylic glitter where can I buy?


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Nov 24, 2009
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hi just wondering where i can buy pre mixed acrylic glitter which ones are the best?
also what loose glitter is good to mix with acrylic yourself ? like what brands in the uk and where i can get them..

thankyou :)
What systems do you use?
I use nsi & young nails, both sell glitter for mixing with acrylic/gel and for nail art. Some technicians use craft glitter that is microfine, I personally buy mine from nsi and it looks great on.
Nfu oh do a huge range of coloured and glittere powders, Young nails have a rockstar collection as well that are premixed, I think most of the larger brands have a renge of premixed powders hth x
i use le chat
ok thankyou for that .. can any1 recommend any craft store glitters that work well with acrylic ?
i think im goin to buy 1 of the nfu.oh kits that contain 12 glitters hmm which ones the nicest ?lol i want them all!:) how big are the pots in these kits ???? thanks :)x
Can you use nsi glitter with cnd.
Pix help
As Karen mentioned earlier in this thread - Nail Graphix can be used with any brand as you add your own powder, therefore no need for any monomer change either.

There are approximately 125 colours.
I use nail graphix and its great comes in a tub and you top up to the top with your regualr brand of powder shake and you have a tub of glitter/acrylic and the colours are fab, and theres a group on here, have a look. xx
Nail Graphix glitters are FAB!! Get them from Natural Nail By Fiona, Salon Geeks get a discount and delivery it very very quick. You will be spoilt for choice!!! xxx

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