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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
Hi all

Can you guys plz advise where i can get some cool glitters from to mix with my metro /mosaics powders..

I bought some the other day and when i tested it out they just tarnished!!


cazza :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

You can get the glitters from CND they are not in the catalogue but if you ask when you phone up they do have them

I have used glitter from millenium nails this works well for me also

Just remember when you have applied your glitter mix to put a layer of clear over it to seal it in

Hope this helps

:D :D :D
To add another question linked to this to this topic :D ....

How much glitter can you add ( to CND powders in particular) before it starts having an adverse effect on polymerisation? :?

I am also under the impression that when you add glitter, you have to "cap" the enhancement with clear - is this correct? :huh:
You do have to cover glitter with a clear otherwise when filing, the colour is filed out of the glitter and becomes silver.
I telephone them about glitter and they said they dont sell it - I thought they would sell all things creative do. I have a creative catalogue from them - i am really getting confused. - can someone help.
Phone head office and order from there ... THEY always have everything!!

Subdistributors are not always as good as they should be about having everything you want.

0113 275 5719 -- and ask for Sales!! You will get it.
Thanks Geeg - always come to our rescue!!!
How much glitter can you add ( to CND powders in particular) before it starts having an adverse effect on polymerisation?
hiya fi
i have been mixing glitter with powder 4 a long time now.
if u r using the mix on the free edge you can get away with a 1:1 mix (thin layer of clear 1st & thin layer of clear on top)
however if ur using the mix in zones 2 & 3 ( the natural nail), then the most u can get away with is 1 part glitter to 2 parts powder, (don't forget the clear powder under & over).
the glitters that u can buy from leeds osns r very condensed, which means u get a strong colour with that mix.
my fave at the mo is lilac glitter mixed with perfect pink in zones 2 & 3; & clear zone 1 with small amount of silver & purple glitter big bits in.
when ruth shows me how to (hint, hint)! i will post up piccies.
have fun :D
lol liza xx

I am planning to do a gold glitter & stars kinda thing. I'll post piccies on my site if it works :?
How do you know if you are putting the right amount of glitter in - do you get a special scoop with the powders or glitters that you can use???

u get a scoop with the metro powders which is cool, but b4 that i used to use the end of my one-step tip cutters!
i also use them to fill up my powder pots.
it just seemedto b the exact right shape & size 8)
lol liza xx
Great idea

I am in the process of ordering all the metro and mosaics - i am soooo excited that i am going to start mixing - needed advice first though before i was let loose!!!!!

have fun, you will also find that you will need somewhere to put all your mixed powder/glitter concoctions!
go to boots & ask them if they will give you some empty film tubs, u know the ones, 35mm . also they must b the white ones, otherwise u won't b able to c whats in them!
lol liza xx
You are full of good ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


i use a scoop you get with the metro,,, but also if you dont have a scoop you can use a nail tip!!!!

Cazza :D :D :D
Designer Nails also sell some really cute little clear pots that all screw together to make a stack. Very useful for mixing in and you can see the colours. Don't ask me the price ... I never know prices ... ring them ok?
you get 5 for a pound or 10for 2

cheap as chips

cazzzz :D :D :D
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