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Oct 3, 2013
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UK (South)
Hi guys!

I am trained in both hairdressing and beauty but i mainly focus on beauty, i only do hairdressing for family and friends and although i try to keep in the hairdressing loop its easy to miss things!!

Anyway... i was speaking to my brother who asked me if i would be able dye his hair.. with a glow in the dark temporary hair dye he had seen online? Has anyone heard of these? Do they even work?

Must admit they look kinda cool if they do work, especially for Halloween but i find myself doubting that they do what they say, the age old saying of too good to be true?

Thanks in advance lovelies!

Heres the link of the one i found online when i was looking
Splat Glow in the Dark temporary Hair Colour Glow Galactic Green: Beauty

Splat Glow in the Dark Temporary Hair Colour Blue: Beauty
I personally wouldn't put any sort of colour on the hair that wasn't for pro use only. It's a bit like using OTC colour on hair.
I agree, but i was just wondering about the product :) I have no clue how they would even be able to make a dye like that without damaging the hair, and if it was even possible to make the hair glow?
Is it not just a temporary thing? That's what I'm reading it as...sorry if I'm being dense
Yep, its only a temporary dye that you style in and washes out i believe. I havent tried it but was wondering if anyone has? If it works it would be great for halloween but i dont know if it would work? Will it stick to the hair? I know some cheap 'style in wash out' dyes can stain the hair.

Just curious to see what people think about it, and if anyone has used it :D
Maybe try taking a cutting of hair from somebody who won't miss I and give it a try if it's not expensive to buy! If you do use it post a pic I'd love to hear if it worked!
this sounds really cool! i wouldnt mind glow in the dark dip dye! this could be a new trend in the making
If it's a temporary rinse-out colour I'm sure it'll be fine to have a play with. Sounds cool!

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