Glue sticks

Monty Zoomer

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a naive question: are glue sticks made specifically for hair extensions or can you use stuff from, say, B & Q?
Any recommended suppliers?


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B&Q...? I think it might be best to stick with buying from professional hair suppliers.


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Hi , any professional hair extension glue that you buy will have a recommended removal system to go with it ,

some how I don't think B&Q would stock the recommended removal systems :eek:

therefore I would recommend that you stick to a professional bonding sticks so that you can be sure you will be able to remove them again.

Also industrial strength glue may damage the hair no end :hug:


STAY AWAY FROM B AND Q GLUE !!!!! in fact if you have had no training in hair extension please stay away for permanent glue ! you can use bonding liquid for semi permanent hair extensions which should be safe for you to use