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Aug 29, 2003
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Hi, my name is Caroline and I come from Poland (Warsaw). I don't speak English good enough to talk to you without mistakes, but I hope you will be patient and understanding. I'm doing nails (work as manicurist) since 2001 and I specialize in gels. I work on NSI gels and Magnetic gels. Today I work on acrylic (first time in my life). I like very much decorated nails, but only by hand, not with air-brush or something like taht.
Nice to have someone from Poland on the board..........
Never mind the language, you are doing great...........
My favorite nail art is also handpainted work.................
So if you have any pictures , I am sure we would all like to see them,,,,,,,

You will find this site a brilliant way to explore the world of nails, get some good advice if you need it and also give out some good advice.....

So hope to hear more from you
lots of love
Ruth xxxxxxx in the UK
Welcome Caroline, I'm sure you'll enjoy the board, it's a great place to drop by I love nail art too, but I don't have an artistic bone in my body so don't do a lot of free-hand nail art - I use stencils and airbrushes. You should check out Christie's website (she's a member of this board) - her freehand nail art is amazing.

Sawadee ka ruth

If some lady do not have web site like me can i put photo on my post by scan or some thing i do not know how to do i want put some photo .

Caroline welcome i from Thailand and come geek everyday and i very very happy .

Kop khun ka mui
to Geek Heaven - your English sounds great to me!! Please feel free to peruse past posts and ask questions. This site has some wonderful male and female teks who are passionate about nails!! If there is something specific you need to know about, check first to see if has been covered!! To help you, click on to the search button to the right and put in a word that may help you with your quest - ie - wanna know about lifting - put in the word 'lifting' press serach and hey presto - all posts and answers on lifting!! Again - Welcome to the site and Enjoy :sunny: :thumbsup:
Oh, I'm very impressed of your hospitable. :o . I have picture of few of my works, but I don't know how I can run them here. Could you tell me, I don't see any gallery? My works are on web site of another forum (in Poland), but I don't know could I run here this link? I have been throw out from one of Poland forum, because I run there link of rival forum. I think it's stupid, but I'm very careful from this time. I'm waitinf for your hints.
Ok, there is no answer so far, so I add a link of web site, where are my pictures. If somebody (admin or anybody else) tell me it's wrong, I will cut it, OK???

This is link , but you must be registered to open gallery. My picture is tittle -Zdobienia Karolinki, they are on the first & second page of gallery. If you will have any problem with registered, please write to me, I will help.
Hi there and welcome to this fantastic board........
there is no problem understanding your english, its very good.
I have tried to look at your pics on that site but being all in polish is very hard to follow. I can`t find yours at all, perhaps you can help guide us a bit more
Yes, like Karolinka said, you have to be registered (a member) to see the Gallery.
Then you'll be able to see this link:

(there is few pages so click around ;) )

PS. Here is the main site:
Oh, thank you Anna. I didn't know how to help girls find my works. Our language is really hard to understand (like japanese). If you are registered there shouldn't be any problem to see our gallery. :D
Well Hun, I registerd and had a look at your work...........
It's so pretty............I love the french with the white flowers and the two tone marbel..............
very nice...................

Anna from Poland, that explains why she could post a message in polish ....... Well need to get some lessons then from my auntie, she is still in Poland.........north on the baltic sea, used to be called koeslin..........

love Ruth
Oh my God, I hope it wasn't a secret that Anna comes from Poland. But I don't think so. You're proud of that Anna, aren't you?
Welcome to the board Caroline, like your nails. :)
hi caroline

welcome to the board
:D :D :D
Oh, you are my namesake crazy'n'creative. Thank you for all, you're very friendly.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hi ya

My name is caroline too but everyone knows me as cazza

so take care

Hey Caroline!!!!!!!! I think it's very beautifull name, isn't it? Hmmmmmmm, why you have so sad nick - fattal atraction???
Welcome Carol :)
Have visited and registered at the site you told us about. I was somewhat confused but, I managed to fumble my way about!
There are some great nails there - thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
Hi, I'm very happy you can look at my pictures in net. We are going to intoduce english version of our forum, so you could move there without any problem.
Karolka said:
Oh my God, I hope it wasn't a secret that Anna comes from Poland. But I don't think so. You're proud of that Anna, aren't you?

No, heheheh, it is not a secret tha I'm from is just bit confusing..this is a British forum, I live in Canada and I'm from Poland......but hey...this makes it that much more interesting (hahha)

Am I proud to be Polish? hmmm..not really, I didn't do anything to achieve that..I was born like that LOL ;)
I can be proud of the nails I do, though....I pour my heart in my work....sounded so serious...It was not suppose to be...just kidding ;)
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