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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Football have star singer have star movie have star .

Who are the best Nail Techs in the World and why are they the best.

I want to know who you think are the star of Nails ka

Kop khun ka mui

that is a VERY good question!

I think every one who posts on this board are stars. That is Mr & Mrs Geek, Geeg, Ruth, Liza Smith, Anton Buckley and others who I haven't mentioned. They are stars for being so generous with their time and knowledge. I make sure I read every single one of their posts on this board.

I also like to see anything by Leigton Denny. AND I once had the good fortune to meet Ketan Patel - not only does he create beautiful nails, but he also has a great sense of humour!

I'm sure there are lots of others who I haven't mentioned!

Does anyone else get frustrated when they see a great set of nails in a fashion mag, but no credit to the nail technician?


(sorry if my typing is a little poor - I've just painted my nails!!!)
Sawasdee ka

I know about ant Buckley i think him ezflow him send tutotial to me for make nail and i see nail only 1 time i think man have name woolcombe not sure but very beautifull nail .

I not see geek nail only tutorial and many lady make nail very beautifull on geek web site i want know name some nail tech them like big boss.

Kop khun ka mui ka
Well, Mui ... you have been talking to the 'big' bosses of nails in the UK for months on this site.

The people who move and shake this industry in the UK are many, but some of the stars among them are:

Liza Smith
Nicky Portway
Jacqui Jefford
Ketan Patel
Samuel Sweet

To name but a few.
hi ya geeg just to jump on the bandwagon how much does it cost to have a one to one with one of the top peeps or are they all to flat out? lordy knows i need all the help i can get :D :D
All of the people mentioned are independent contractors so they will set their own prices ... but WELL worth it to go. They won't bite and love to share their knowledge.

Remember, once upon a time, Ketan Patel came to me for 1x2x1 to learn competition nails ... he traveled form london to yorkshire, weekend after weekend for lessons and practice ... He thinks it was worth it!
hiya all :D
it still freaks me out to be put in the same line up as people like samuel & jackie etc.
all i can say is success doesn't come over night, but when it does it hits you a bit like a thunder bolt.
one thing about the people on that list is they don't always know how much they r admired & if they do they dont show it.
i feel v. much like geeg in that if its worth having, it's worth sharing :D

p.s 1-1 training with a creative ambassador is £35 per hour + vat.
i personally really enjoy 1-1's & have done quite a few with members of this board.
i always allow more than the booked time the 1st time i meet someone as we usually spend x amount of time catching up with each others recent experiences!!
thank you for the kind words
love liza xx
While at GMEX this year I watched Trang Nguyen (Oh, I DO hope I've spelt that right!) at work on the Grafton stand and I was totally blown away by his work. He sculpted a nail in what seemed like seconds and then transformed it into a beautiful work of art with his coloured acrylics - it was in a league of it's own. I was so disappointed when the photographs I took of his work didn't come out properly - I'm no David Bailey, unfortunately. But I think he should definitely be up there with the others.

well geeg im sure ketan is right and his tuition with you was worth every min 8) i wish i could afford a few trips to spain for some one to one how cool would that be :D but alas stuck in sunny G.B maybe i could visit you next time your in leeds for one to one? good excuse for a weekend away :D
where abouts are you based liza? if you have time for me i would love to book some one to one time i feel it would help improve my confidence no end i think (but dont quote me on it :D ) im about 70% of the way there with my L&P maybe you could PM me and let me know if you would have time i know your a busy gal now was reading up in scratch about the london fashion week good for you babe
hopefully your not too far as i have a tendency to get lost!! you ask suey about my map reading skills and getting to sailsbury :D ;) map reading was fine Nickki! okay, so i now know Salisbury like the back of my hand, but hey...that's fine rofl

Suey x lol
well suey dont we know how to have a good time :D tour guide extrodinare me :D
Sawasdee ka

I think 1-1 training very cheap for training with pro nail tech for sure not expensive.

I think one of the number 1 nail tech i see nail in magazine is Tom holcombe him make nail very very beautifull i see nail in America nail magazine and now in japan nail magazine .

I think japan people love him too much i see photo every body very happy himin japan in photo.

Kop khun ka mui ka
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