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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
Hello fellow nail geeks, I need your help just bought a new bottle of Cool Mint and Brush Saver for my Star 'Fibre System' & the brush is taking 4ever to unclog! Never had this B4 anyone got any ideas on why this is happening?


Please can someone help as this is slowing me down and doesnt look good to my clients cry
You have to wipe the brush quite a lot before placing it back into the cool mint and change brushes over every couple of nails.
Try leaving the clogged brush in the cleaner for a while to see if it unclogs
Thanks for you advice Debs
I will try wiping more - took 20 minutes last night for brush saver to unclog my brush - might be a bad batch I have got !
That sounds like there wasn`t enough cool mint activator on the brush to spread out and dry the resin, thereby leaving too much resin on the brush and clogging it up. Try loading the brush a bit more with cool mint, better still change the system to Fabric......its much better all round, trust me, I used to use what you`re using. You won`t be disappointed with Fabric
Hi Debs,
Thanks for this tip, I would be interested in trying the Fabric by Creative, although I am please with Star I love to learn.
Howeber I have not done a year yet so I will have to wait, Would Creative let a techie buy a sample pack to try prior to going on a course??
You do not have to be Creative trained to buy Fabric# -- and yes there are 'try me' kits available although for the little extra it is worth it to buy the salon starter pack in my opinion
It knocks spots off the system you are using. It is also a competition winning system it is that beautiful and strong ... very strong.
Sawasdee ka

We send b4 to england for star nail products the tips we buy were not beautifull we use them for nail art .

The l&p system we had big problem with the smell of star nail liquid .

I do not know of other star nail system but the l&p system we would not speak to any body in Thai to try and buy .

My friend ell she buy star nail training kit it 219.99 england money and have 4 oz liquid and was a very bad kit for buy .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Hiya Louise.....
I too was using Star Nails Fibreglass system and thought it was the best. I did my college training with a tutor who was never gonna budge from it!
It was only after gaining my VTCT in Advanced Nails that I started to research different brands and systems. I think you are indoctrinated a little on Local college courses that the system they advocate, must be the best! :rolleyes:
I found that I got "OK" results with Star Nails but never exceptionl results.
I found Fabric#.......
I now achieve OUTSTANDING results!!!! :thumbsup:

My sister in law has always been a fan of Fibreglass nails. I always noticed that her nails seemed to deteriorate quickly with Star Nails. However the staying power of Fabric just cant be beaten.
I did a set for her over 2 weeks lifting and still looking great!!!!!

Have a go with Fabric#.......Im sure you will be delighted with the results!
As a former Star Nails user.......I certainly am pleased!

Hope this helps!
If I was to order a sample kit from creative which I now understand that I can would they sell this Girlfriend buffer that everyone raves about aswell? and what is the standard life of one, I use a plain old 3 sided buffer to date and I am happy with the results... :) however I would love to see the results of the fabric with the use of 'girlfriend' :queen:
The only thing that Creative will not sell to a nail technician who can prove his/her credentials with a certificate is LIQUID AND POWDER!!

Everything else you can purchase if you so desire.

Creative is not elitist!! We just like to know that those using our Liquid and Powder do so with knowledge and understanding, so that it will work best for them and their clients.

It is this standard that we have set that has produced happy and loyal nail technicians who work well with Creative Products rather than nail technicians who stumble around trying to make a product work when they don't know how it works, or assume it works like every other system ... wrong!
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