got my first appoinent for a pedicure


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Apr 27, 2004
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the phone rang his morning and a lady wanted a pedicure im also doing 20% off for new clients then half hour later she cancelled oh well xx after me moaning yeaterday i have no response xx
oh hun thats a bit crap that she cancelled 10 mins later , some people cant make up their minds , did you do a leaflet drop then?
Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear that stay positive and the phone will ring. I advertise in the yellow pages. If you do the same have you tried going in the wedding section.
I had a call for a booking for a hen night before they went out. I was booked to do 3 facials 1 Pedicure and 3 manicures. They were all supposed to 1/2 hour treatments. In the end I done 5 facials 3 manicures and 2 eyebrow shapes. Unfortunatly i did not have time to fit in the Pedicure! ( shame because they are my favorites.) This was great becuase I had all the clients in one place, they had a great laugh when they had all thier masks on!!!

Anyway keep going and the appointments will flood in for you!! :lol:

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