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Dec 1, 2011
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Leighton Buzzard
Hi, I've come over from skin geek for a bit of advice please. I have always had lovely thick shiny hair, always had compliments on it from hairdressers, even had a couple of strangers in the past asking me what shampoo I use etc. That is up until a couple of weeks ago! I dyed my hair using Loreal Sublime Mousse (I'm going to guess you are probably all going to say shouldn't use home dye's?!!) and straight away my hair was disgustingly greasy. I followed all the instructions - which was to wash out with water, then use their conditioner, rinse again then dry. I started drying and had to go back to wash my hair properly with shampoo as could feel it all still in my hair. Since then, i've tried 3 different shampoos at home and my hair still feels greasy even straight after washing. It feels exactly the same as if you haven't washed conditioner out properly.

I have dyed my hair many times before and this has never happened. Has anyone got any tips on how I can get rid of this greasiness please as it's horrible. Hating my hair looking so limp and greasy. Thanks x

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