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Hi Guys I hope some of you hair geeks can help me out, my hair has always been fine never greasy could leave washing my hair up to 4 days and it still not be greasy:eek: (that makes me sound like a skank!ha!)

Anyhoo It has suddenly gone greasy I wash it and the next day or the day after its greasy again :irked: Ive not changed my hair products so cant be that:(

Any help would be great!

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dont know if this will help flower - but i find the more i was my hair the worse it gets, try to leave it for as long as poss. your hair may be greasy but the more you wash it, your hair is thinking aye up, we been stripped of oil, get more into it, so its a viscous circle. i would honestly leave it - let it get greasy, if its too bad for you to manage, try putting talc on it, (this soaks up the oil - so ive been told). its just a viscious circle, the more you wash the greasier it gets. so cut it to once a week

it works for me.

hth :hug:


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Why it gets oiler when you wash it more is because you are stimulating the sebeaous glands too much. With Oily haired people, it is best to use a shampoo for oily hair and when washing Do Not scrub the scalp, gently take the palms of your hands and lightly massage the shampoo thru the hair. use Condtioner only on the Ends of the hair if you have long hair. If you have short hair and can't avoid the scalp, do not conditon at all. Your scalp will provide enough natural moisture to the hair. A vinegar rinse also help cleanse the hair of excessive oil.
If you can, do not wash hair more than 2 times a week, If you can go only once a week..better off you will be. If you feel you must get your hair wet, go ahead and rinse the heck out of it between shampoos, almost all Professional hair products are water soluable and should rinse out of the hair without shampoo.
One thing you must be aware of by putting talc on your hair when it is oily, is that if you have dark hair, the talc will give you a hazy look to your hair and If you have product in there(hairspray, gels, pomade etc) the talc will stick to that also.


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Is it oily hair we have, or oily scalps?


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Is it oily hair we have, or oily scalps?
Thats a good question there,ive wondered that,maybe one of the hair geeks could answer??

Im wondering if its more oily scalps as i suppose thsts the "living" part,but i could be wrong im no expert...LOL

Could someone answer that maybe??:confused:


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the oil as we label it comes from the Sebaceous gland that is located in the scalp. The Sebaceous glands provide the oil to the hair, when this gland is over stimulated you get oil/greasy hair. As I stated before:

Why it gets oiler when you wash it more is because you are stimulating the sebaceous glands too much.
Or this gland is over active just like a over active thyroid gland that some people have. This gland is what keeps the hair in good health along with blood flow etc.
When a person has dry brittle hair or hair loss, it is because this gland is not providing enough anymore. Therefore someone that is losing hair needs to massage and physically stimulate.

To simplify a answer to your question. We get oily hair but it comes from the scalp :wink2:


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Thanx for all your replies, good reading, I normally only wash my hair once a week twice and the most because I have bad dandruff and It makes it worse the more I wash it so only wash it max 2 times a week.
Its just the past week or so that it has strated to look greasy as I have never had a problem with greasy hair, really strange ill take all your tips on bord and see if it helps, Thanx again guys :hug: xxx


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Hmmm... I have oily hair yet a dry scalp.. with Dandruff. Although not noticed the Dandruff so much lately.


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If I recall my theory correctly,
Dandruff is dry scalp
Seboreah is similar results (flakes) but oily scalp.



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Dry flaky scalp is different from Dandruff..
If you have dry flaky scalp it could be from the products you are using ie: shampoo and conditioner. Try finding a hair product like LOMA that is Aloe Vera Based.