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Jun 3, 2012
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So ladies I need your help! I went for a consultation at a salon today using great lengths extensions, maybe you can't help because you need to see my hair but she said they come in packs of 25 which I knew and she would have to order 150 some 20" some 17" my hair is mid length just past the nipple lol and it's not thin but not really thick...I want the extensions for length and thickness. She then proceeded to tell me I have to buy the shampoo and brush! And it would take 4hours and priced everything up at £985 can anybody help me with this? Is this about right? Do I really need to purchase the shampoo and great lengths brush?? :(

Any advice would be great!


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Sep 20, 2008
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The shampoo,conditioner and ph leveller are a MUST when your spending this much on hair,as if anything goes wrong Great lengths wont cover the guarantee on the hair at all and the hairdresser has no obligation if anything went wrong if your not using the correct after care either.
The price quoted is hard to comment on really.Ive been working with Great lengths for many years now and they are at the top top end of the extension world and are more expensive than most but i dont always work my quote out on the exact amount of bonds if that makes sense.
When i have a consultation for great lengths the cost of the after care and brush and a 2 week after blow dry and extension check appointment (where il replace any that have loosend up etc)are factored into the main cost of the service.

Have you ever tried Balmain extensions?

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