Greenies on my lovely old lady


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I have an adorable elderly lady in extremely poor health who has a nno in l&p. She has been getting greenies on her nails, occasionally there's a spot of lifting but more usually there isn't, the nail is sound and it just appears. She has a heart condition and also she has lupus, plus a number of other ailments for which she has various medications.

Do you think the illness or medications have anything to do with the greenies? When I last saw her 6 out of 10 nails had a spot on them.

Should I advise her that it isn't really suitable for her atm? She never complains and wears polish so it isn't an issue for her, but it is for me. Any thoughts?
Is it pocket lifting that's causing it?
i've had a customer who was on heart medication that seem to make her nails more susseptable (?) to greenies.
i also have another customer who is allergic to red#5 that is in some polishes. the greens would seem to jump from one nail to another, even when i used new files, nippers, orangewood sticks, nothing!
her dermatologist figured it out. now she knows what colors she can and can not wear.

good luck,
My Nails Rock!
I would say that the lupus would have something to do with it
My mum has lupus and she has a hell of a time with her nails especially her toe Nails
she has severe psorasis on her feet and toe nails have mostly lifted and come off
her big toe nail is susceptable to greenies as well.
Lupus is an awful disease and mimics lots of other diseases so its hard to control
hope the greenies clear up soon
Deb x

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