grey hair


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whats the best thing for covering grey hair?

I have a lot of grey coming through underneath so with the warmer weather coming I want to wear my hair up more but when I put it up all the grey shows through.

I was thinking about having some highlights put in for summer is this the best option? I don't want to spend loads of money by having a whole head colour first as I find this doesn't last as long


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Hi Jackie` you can go with highlights to blend the grey if you are naturally light enough. Of if you don't mind the contrast of dark hair and blonde highlights.


You can have a semi/demi color applied. This blends the grey and slowly washes out of your hair so you don't have a "grow out root"


You can go permanent color which will cover your grey completely and you will have a grow out.

I like to do a demi color on my starting to grey clients. It is a nice soft way of blending and introducing them to color. Not to mention the most conditioning of all three.