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Aug 6, 2003
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Hi all,

I have a client who caught her hand in a door over the Xmas. What ever way she caught it, she managed to crack her own natural nail way above the smile line.

I've taken off her extensions and filed down her nails to minimise the damage. She doesn't want new extensions until the crack has grown down to the free edge.

I've seen a few products which are supposed to increase the growing speed of natural nails. On QVC recently they had a product called Pro-Strong.

Has anyone used any of these or have any tips on this.

Dear Toni
Who's system do you use as, they normally have a nourishing cuticle oil which the purpose of this is to care for the nail and to promote the growth of the nail with daily masage to the cuticle area (I am surprised they didn't cover this in the manicure part of your course)

Personally I wouldnt buy of QVC this is not professional products plus you surely would get it cheaper from your supplier / wholesaler?

Plus may I be cheeky :oops: and ask why the client didn't just have the broken nail filed down slightly especially if it was above the smile line and NOT below :?: All the best
Hi, Louise.

I was thinking about buying me some cream or serum to enhance the grow of my natural nails. What is your opinion on the Nail Grow Cream and the Active Grow Serum by Alessandro? Is it any good? Can you or anyone else recommend it? Or is it enough to give the nail and cuticle a daily massage like you wrote?
Dear NailsinMuenster

Sorry, I am not familiar with this brand, maybe one of the experienced techies might be.

But yes to help the growth of the nail an oil massaged daily will increase the blood flow to the nail which encourages growth and even the massage.

Have you completed your training as this is normally covered?

Hi, Louise.

Thank you for your answer. I haven't started training but I'm thinking about it. I want to learn everthing about nailtech and that's why I'm here. I try to fetch up every information (as long as I can understand it - my english is not that perfect ;) that could help me.
I find you carnt beat solar oil. Apply it twice a day. its excellant! :)
toughen up is very good to.
nailtiques do a good range of strengtheners.]
Tracy Mclean said:
I find you carnt beat solar oil. Apply it twice a day. its excellant! :)
toughen up is very good to.
nailtiques do a good range of strengtheners.]
Yes very true..............
Solar oil is brill for nourishing the nail and the keeps the natural nail moisturised and flexible...........apply regular
Toughen Up has DMU Technology which is patented and provides a cross link with the keratin.........
this will keep the nail strong and will not cause over brittleness like other nail strenghter can do some time...........specially the ones that contain Fermaldehyde............Fermaldehyde causes the nail to dry out and gives it a strong appearance....but can make the nail brittle............
DMU provides a net like structure and inter-weaves with the keratin providing a strong support for the nail..... but still giving it flexibility...........

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