Guilty pleasures....


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Jun 7, 2007
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Delamere, UK
suddenly i feel wrong. finding myself listening to Journeys Don't stop believing.... and actually enjoying it. even as far as singing along. please bear in mind i am only in my 20's.
anyone else have the same......
and now tainted love god i miss the 80's
Don't feel bad about your Journey pleasures, I have Cliff Richard songs on my ipod and am shameless about loving them!
all i can say is 'wired for sound'
still have nightmares of him on rollerskates
Fleetwood Mac and the Carpenters for me.
mike and the mechinics-living years...... i love this song!!!!!aerosmith-dont want to miss a thing....whitney housten-one moment in time and many more from the 80,s i have these playing on dizzler while i am on here!!!xxxx
well its good to not feel like the only one.
oh ,kate bush ,anyone,no.....
Too Shy by Kajagoogoo and Ant Music....yeah
wow, and I felt odd for jamming to some early Depeche Mode tonight :)

Journey does rock in a really 'hate-to-admit-it' kind of way :D
:) just my imagination by the temptations, softly whispering I love you by the congregation (had that played when leaving the church at my wedding I so love that song) now I am showing my age, love the 70s
well its good to not feel like the only one.
oh ,kate bush ,anyone,no.....

don't get me and Glo listening to Kate Bush...we'll be sat up until all hours :lol:

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