Had my first real client not turn up OMG


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May 12, 2006
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Iv got my self in a right state all for nothing as the client has not turned up,well she was due to come at 12 its now 12.45 so i dont think she is coming.
I posted on another thread about being nervous, iv been up since 6am with nerves and now this happens, i cant beleive it.
I know it does happen alot but i didnt think my first unknown client would do it,if only she knew how i was feeling,my shakes are just starting to subside may be as i think she still may turn up {doutfull}.
I only do about 5 people anyway but i know them all which makes it easier for me,but this one rang me up from a referal from my college as she wanted me to do a full set.
Oh well im going to go and do my shopping now instead,thanks for reading and letting me vent it all out xx
This has happened to us all at one time or another...so don't despair :hug:
At this time of year people do seem to have bad memories, as they have so much to do.

It would have been a good idea for you to have phoned to 'confirm' her appointment yesterday......but no point shutting that gate now the horse has bolted.
I know it is nerve wracking the first few times...BUT you need to phone a late/no show client after about 15 minutes of her appointment time to check she is OK and now tha she has missed her appointment would she like to rebook?

This puts YOU back in control and can help retain a client.

If she has genuinely forgotten, and you don't phone her then she may feel too guilty to get back in touch with you and will just go to another therapist rather than you next time!!
excellent advice as usual!
I think it's plain rude.

I guess this happens a lot in this industry? I can imagine if it happened too much it would be worth doing what hotels do & getting a credit card up front just in case of a no show - might scare some people off though!
unfortunately its a huge factor in this biz.

I make sure that my clients KNOW that I am self-employed and reliant on them turning up for appointments, no show no money!

I think most clients assume that you get paid regardless of how many clients you see, due to the fact that most therapists used to be employed, now the trend is to be self-employed but its us that need to inform the clients of this so that they can adjust the way that they think and approach our profession.

I have mentioned this before on salon geek, but I used to go into a disabled home once a week and give reiki to 3 residents alongside another therapist who used to do 4 residents reflexology. We turned up to do our appointments and the staff where on the way out with the residents, I explained that as they had booked us to do appointments that they should a) give 24 hours notice if they couldn't keep the appointment and b) pay for our appointments if they didnt.
It turns out that the staff 'felt like' going bowling instead.

Now I turned round and asked would they go bowling if they had a doctor booked in.

I got paid and asked not to come back, but hey, I'm not going to be treated like that so quite frankly, not bothered!
incidentally, the other therapist didn't speak up and continued to go. but she complained to me later that every other week they would decide to go out at the last minute, or ring her just before she left the house. A few months down the line she stopped going herself.
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hey nailzandbeauty don't sweat it, unfortunately it happens sometimes

try not to let your nerves get the better of you

so go and enjoy your shopping trip:)
Oh what a shame this is not good, esp as you are nervous. Did you try ringing this person, sometimes clients forget or book it in their diary the wrong day? Hope you feel better now xx

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