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I am 15 years old I have always had really thick , long black hair . Recently I’ve noticed my hair is falling out in small clumps anytime I touch it and washing it is dreadful it has even became noticeable that my hair is way thinner . It’s also not growing at all and my scalp is very itchy recently. I would like to know which shampoos , conditioners or even deep conditioners I can buy that will fix this so my hair grows long and thick again .


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On average, we have around 100,000 individual hairs on our head.
We all lose up to 150 hairs a day from our scalp and this amount will fluctuate depending on our general health.
Hair has a natural renewal cycle where each individual strand grows, rests then falls out. Some hairs will take up to 7 years to go through the cycle and your longest hairs will be around 5-7yrs old. People who struggle to grow their hair longer than shoulder length, find that their hair renews itself much more quicker, so it won’t ever grow beyond a certain length.

If it’s falling out in small clumps, combined with your itchy scalp, you should probably visit your doctor and ask for some blood tests to be taken to ensure that you don’t have any underlying health issues. If you’ve been seriously ill, it can affect your hair (and nails, skin etc.) for several months afterwards.

Once you’ve ascertained that you’re perfectly healthy, then look at using a salon quality shampoo and follow a gentle cleansing regime. Cheaper drugstore shampoos usually contain stronger detergents (to help them lather up) but they are very harsh on the scalp and cuticle layer so it’s not a good idea to use them if you have a sensitive scalp or fine porous hair.

If your hair is breaking off an inch or so beyond your scalp, that suggests something in your hair care regime is the problem. Too much protein in your shampoo/conditioner or too high a heat setting on your hairdryer or straighteners will cause considerable damage over time.

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This happened to me when I didn’t wash my hair for about 5 days. All those hairs that would normally fall out and get clogged in the drain just stayed on my head as i’d been lazy and had messy buns and barely brushed it. So of course when I showered it felt like I’d lost half a head of hair when all of the hair that had naturally shed came out all at once.

I also had sisters and they’ve struggle with bald areas. The first thing I did was get someone to check for bald patches, there was none. I then tried a sainsburys omega 3 etc supplement and I forgot all about the hair loss until they ran out and i didn’t replace them. Within weeks it was falling out more than usual, so now I always take it. It’s very good, no need for all these fun hair gummies.

Otherwise check your diet and make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need from what you eat regularly.

My scalp was itchy when I had dandruff, you can get special anti itch shampoos.

Batiste dry shampoo can cause itching and scabbing and bleeding, even hair loss over time for some select people, so if you use it skip it.

But try not to worry about it yet, then if it continues and you’ve changed shampoo, been brushing and taking supplements then go to the doctor.

Self care should always be the first step before a doctor as often these things can be sorted with a simple change.


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Are there any shampoos or conditioners you recommend?