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Jan 17, 2008
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As some of you may have noticed we have been posting on these forums for the last couple of days and im really impressed by how knowledgeable and enthusiastic you all are!

Now, I really dont want this to be a massive plug, but we've just a new web-shop for extensions and accessories recently as we've found a fantastic brand of hair.

I'm slightly concerned however, because we've run our own extension salon for the last 10 years, that we're only seeing it from our point of view.

We've found that our ladies, by far, prefer 100% remi human hair. However, do you think there is a market out there for lower grade hair and pre-bonded extensions?

We've also found that selling hair jewels to be a great "upsell" also (especially because the ones we carry are on Dancing on Ice on the TV at the moment! :lol:). Do your salons do something similar?

Thanks in advance for your advice!!
Hi , I think lower grade hair should be cheap and temporary and kept on a weft only ,

because this type of hair can be made up from left over muddled up hair
brushed up off the floor , perhaps remnants from the root to point correct expensive hair .

Once it is muddled it would have to be processed so it can be re used again.

A lot of processed hair is also hair fall from
lots of different people from lots of different poorer country's , who have really long hair.

They save all their naturally long tangled hair brushings
from a hair brush ect ,
and throw them in a community basket to sell their hair balls to collectors who visit each month , they then receive a small price for it .

Now this hair is perfectly good hair (if it is clean ) and as any postiche or wig maker will tell you it can be sorted out quite easily by actually feeling for the root bulb on the end of the hair ,
any hair that has left the scalp naturally at the end of its life cycle will have this little root bulb in place.

If this was clean hair a wig maker could make a beautiful long wig or hair piece with all the hair lying in the right direction just by feeling for the little hair bulb , but this is tedious work and very expensive ,

The mass production of wefted hair seems to have phased out the little wig makers , as processed manufactured hair is a lot cheaper for us to buy .

As you know with muddled hair from the floor , or with natural hair fall collected from brushes , the individual hairs do not lay in the same direction and are all muddled ,
therefore this has to be cleansed and treated in giant acid vats,
this is to cleanse and strip off the cuticle which damages the hair ,
they then have to put something on this very damaged hair which is like silicone to give it shine and a temporary coating.

See Jeni Giles article link below ;

Once the silicone coating wears off through styling and washing ect
it can become like matted back combed hair,
because this is basically what you will be doing to it instead of smoothing it with a brush,
the hair is not root to point correct so therefore when you do brush it it has a back combing effect.

Personally I would never use cheap hair that has gone though these acid vats for individual hair extensions as they would only last as long as long as the silicone coating allows .

This type of cheaper hair would not last for the full three months in a head of hair without matting problems .

Cheaper hair clip on wefts are ok , and they will keep their sheen longer if it is washed and styled less, this keeps the silicone coating on it for longer .

The very best hair you can get is Virgin Russian Blonde hair this is the finest in texture , and can easily be dyed to match any colour , it is very very expensive though, but it can be used over and over as long as its not muddled up . A lot of people find it far too expensive to use for individual hair extensions as you do lose a little each time .

I tend to go for best quality European hair for individual strand extensions .

I would say "yes go for the cheaper hair if it is clip in for a temporary look"
but never for individual bonds.

Some types of cheaper hair (clip in wefts ) can look and feel better than others.

As for pre bonded hair, At the moment I only ever use my own source of bonds and preferred hair that I totally trust, as I know that it will last the client for a full three months ,
the hair is totally reusable for up to a year or even longer
( bearing in mind the old bond has to be snipped off each time ,) but then I am always open to suggestions , I think the wavy tousled hair extensions look great.

Ps , for all of you that may want to test the hair to see if it is cuticle to point correct;
you will know if it is quality hair and root to point correct if you run a wet finger and thumb up and down the hair very firmly,
you will feel the cuticles squeak as you run your fingers upwards ,
(just like a porosity test,)
the cuticles squeak if they are still intact and are laying the correct way ,
if they don't squeak and the hair feels very soft and silky ,
then you know it has been treated , this is a sign that it is not root to point correct ,
and when that coating wears off it wont be as nice anymore :hug: .

Hair jewels ? I love them especially for glittery events , Christmas and parties too , I would love to see more people wearing hair jewels .

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Thanks for that, lots of useful info for people new to extensions.

Glad to see people are generally more interested in a quality product! Although, obviously, its hard to convince people you've a quality product without them getting it in their hands!

I guess what i'm trying to do is see the hair extension market from another extensionists point of view.....
I have found that people have a budget in mind for hair extensions and sometimes they dont care what quality of hair they have in as long as they have got long hair. I try to explain to clients when they come to me for the consultation about the quality of hair I use. My prices are not expensive and if they ask me if they can bring there own hair to use I have refused to install it if its cheap nasty low graded her.

I have found a couple of excellent quality graded brands of hair that I know speaks for itself and I have never had any problems with.

Again I would never install cheap quality hair in clients hair as it just does not work at all long term wise.
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