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Sep 16, 2013
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Hello I'm new to hair extensions been doing them a couple of months now, had no problems until a client yesterday who had had a different extensionist fit them, they had been left about 4/5 months with no check up and they were extremely matted and I could not remove all of the glue, I'm worried that it's going to build up and get worse, any advice?
They are pre bonds
This may sound really weird but apply argon oil to the area. I had a client (who I refuse to fit now) who did not look after her extensions at all! Her hair ended up really matted and I just couldn't get the matts or the keratin out! She didnt want to pay for follow up appointments and it took her 6 months to get them removed! i was trying for over 2 hours and moved the hair but was left with loads of residue and matting. My last resort was to apply loads of argon oil to the area! Rather messy but it worked! The left over glue and matts just slid out! Her hair was an oily mess afterwards but just give it a really really good wash. :) xxx
Okay great thankyou will that completely get rid if all the matting? Any particular brand of oil too?x
No it doesn't really matter on brand it just loosens off any glue so it slides out and in a none crude way (lubes) it all up so it all slides out. Just be careful not to pull the clients hair too much :) I just used the elixir hair oil. Just make sure you give it a really good wash out xxx
And yes it got rid of all her matting. And it was a total mess if I'm honest. You will now and again get clients who do not look after there hair extensions and refuse to pay for maintenance and leave the extensions holding on to the last strand before they get it removed. Xxx
I find to remove the mats if the clients hair is wet with conditioner on it it will help. I love removing mats! lol I no its bad they should not have it etc, god I could sit and do them all day. :eek: I am weird lol

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