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the nail fairy

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Apr 16, 2006
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Edmonton,Alberta Canada

Hello all you wonderful hair geeks!!

I had a client ( Nail client) last night and while I was doing her nails,her sister called her and was in a dilemma.. the sister had just got back from Thailand and had hair extensions put in her hair.. Now that she has arrived back home to Canada, she wanted to take the extensions out by herself. She got the extensions out... But, there was all this wax left in her hair!!! She went on the internet to get some help, and was advised to use acetone to get the wax out of her hair..

Is that Correct, to use acetone???

personally I would use a oil and work it out get the wax loose. No I wouldnt use acetone id be scared to use acetone in the hair.
Thanks Becca Boo!!

I will let her know!!

( I also thought that the acetone would be too drying on her hair) but since I know nothing about hair extensions, I knew you geeks would!!

Thanks again.. I really aprreciated your post!

applie acetone to a cotton pad and dap it on the wax not the hair it will break the wax down and not damage the hair i use acetone on my clients and have never had any problems

Thanks Cuteycalls for the advice!!
I appreciate it!!


Most extention removers have an acetone base and is perfectly safe to put on the hair. I always use them for extention removal on keratin or wax bonds. She just needs to section the hair and soak the bonds, tease them gently away from the hair using a comb. It needs to be done a bond at a time as there will be some natural hair loss and it can get quite tangled!
The better option really is to go to an extension specialist who will be able to do this more effectively and it shouldnt be too pricey. ( as an example I charge £5 per 10 mins of removal and can normally do a full head in 20 mins, so hopefully there is someone in her area who charges similarly.)

Donna x

Thanks Donna;

You have been most helpful!!


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