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Sep 27, 2005
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Keighley, West Yorkshire
For about 18 months my private life has been very emotional. 11 weeks ago something major happened (please dont ask, thank you) and my hair is now falling out in lumps and getting thinner by the day. I went to see my GP yesterday and she says its this traumatic event thats caused it after such a bad time and once I am properly settled it should stop falling out. Failing that I will have to have blood tests to investigate further.

My question is this, my hair is very long, halfway down my back and I really dont want to have it cut shorter. Is there anything someone can recommend. Hair extensions to thicken my hair will be an option once my hair stops falling out. I am prepared to travel for a good hair extentionist, please feel free to PM me.

Also any information on this would be gratefully recieved. Thank you!

anne xx
sorry to hear about your hair.

please dont get hair extensions they are expensive and will put more tension on the hair thats left, and will possibly cause more hair loss and if your hair still is falling out they wont last 2 mins either.. im sorry you probably didnt want to hear that but its true.

if you dont want to get your hair cut why dont you wear it in a VERY loose plait till it thickens up. thats assuming its that bad that you cant wear it down.

my hairs thin and just longer than shoulder length, I wear mine down, I dont care if it looks thin..

curly hair looks thicker than straight if its naturally wavy let it dry like that, or put some curls in but not with rollers as they will put extra tension on the follicle..

also i hear nioxin is good treatment for hair loss...

hope this helps.. :).... try not to stress about it too much it will grow back but there is no instant fix, but i do recommend you go to a reputable salon and discuss this with then further as they will be able to see your hair loss first hand and can advise you accordingly... xxx
Thanks for your advice, I wouldnt get the extensions till my hair stopped falling out but after what you have said sounds like I should avoid them altogether. Luckily I have a lot of hair its just i know its at least a third thinner than it was and when I comb it its literally coming out in lumps. It worse when I wash it thats when i can feel how thin it has become.

My hairdresser has left the salon where she worked but she is a tutor at the college where i do my beauty course so I will see if she still works there and try find out where she is based in a salon. I only saw her once but she was a fab hairdresser.

Thanks again :hug:

anne xx
Nioxin is an amazing shampoo/treatment/conditioner...
I would highly recommend, its well worth the money.


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