Hair question

I have tried varied products, to try and get my dry and damaged hair, back in good condition.

I have used Keratase Oleo relax shampoo ,( as its frizzy) deep conditioning mask, serums, but nothing last long, for the overall healthy look.

My hair type has been desribed as fine, but lots of it, slight coarseness to the cuticle, dry and damaged. Years of home colourants!!

What is the best hair regime to follow, to have the gloss hair, that last longer than one day.


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Hi its really hard to say without seeing your hair properly ,
Personally I would suggest that you find yourself a really good professional hairdresser and place your hair care in their hands from now on ,
and no more otc hair colours from now on lol x

Book in for a consultation and they will advise you on the best course of treatments and professional colouring advice for your hairs recovery plan ,

if you stick to it you will soon have the silken tresses you desire
good luck :hug: minky x


I would recomend either Joico K-pak or Scruples ER. Both of these will repair the dryest of hair by penetrating and repairing the internal structure.
Rejuvx fusion would be good if you have breakage


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Hi Jonathon and welcome to salon geek ,
all the products on the salon lines site look great ,
Its good to know where we can source the supplies thanks :hug: minky x

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated the product advice. Will check it out.

I have used the Joico K-pak intensive mask, but I dont know what happenedm, the next day my hair was very oily.