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Oct 6, 2007
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Hi all, I have recently had a problem with a client who is a hairdresser and I wondered if anyome would be able to shed some light on it for me? She had a full set on 2 weeks ago and broke one by falling over and then said another one fell off (they were both the ring fingers which are a little ski jumped). I replaced them for a charge before she went straight back to work. I did all my prep as usual and the other nails were all in perfect condition. Two days later she informed me that both nails had just come off again so easily she didn't even notice at first. That evening her thumb also broke across the stress line so that the lump of acrylic was left on the nail but the whole tip had broken off.

My theory is that maybe it is something hairdressers are using that is breaking down the glue and caused her thumb to break. I also have another client who is a hairdresser and she occasionally breaks hers across the stress line too which makes me think if the glue is being broken down the tip would just break off. As for my clients ring finger nails which came off easily the second time could it be work related or is it more likely because they were ski jump nails? They were all fine until she broke the first one by falling over. Thanks for any replies I know it's a long and not very interesting post X
the resin breaking down wouldnt actually cause the tip to break.....the resin adheres the tips to the natural nail, its the overlay that stops the tip from the resin will eventually break down that wont be the problem.
either the hairdresser is heavy handed or your not building the stress area enough.
If they are heavy handed then i would build up the stress area more or shorten the length of the enhancement...maybe they are just a tad long for them to handle
hth :hug:
Maybe I was a bit confusing-the tip itself didn't actually break it was as if the glue had broken down so the end of the enhancement wasn't attched to the natural nail anymore and then it broke across the stress line so that the whole tip came off X
Hairdressers nails do take a beating!! They usually are the work hard, play hard kinda gals!!
I do quite a few hairdressers nails, all completley different as to how well they last. One girl is a party animal an is costantly out on the town drunk!! Guaranteed breakages!!

Another lady, who doesn't employ any juniors, so does all hair washing herself - hers last fab (although when shes naughty and waits weeks and weeks b4 rebalances she gets dye stains at the back!!)

The hair can sometimes get caught between the natural nail and the enhancement without them knowing, and can weaken the bond or rip off the tip.

I doubt its your work that is the problem, my only advice from experience is that sculptures or overlays are the best for hairdressers (no glues or weak points) and advise them to keep 'em short, and wear bloomin gloves when tinting!!!
If an enhancement is on well then not much would be able to get through it melt the resin/adhesive.
I used to be a hairdresser and wore enhancements with very little problem as most hairdressers wear gloves to do things that might cause damage to nails.
I think that due to their line of work you may need too build your stress area/apex more as joanne said above to give them strenghth.
Thanks for all your replies I will definitely be recommending overlays and to keep them shorter! X:green:

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