hang nail? what do i do?


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
hi as you know im currently training x ive trimmed back my very long nails this weekend and filed them all down quite short but the corners of my skin round my nails (near the free edge) are really really sore ive looked in my training book and it looks like the hang nail pictures.
what do i do its really painful ive tried filing the left and right edge but it really hasnt helped much xxxx
Does your chosen product line have a cuticle oil or cream - if you use this daily then the skin should be lovely and soft and supple.
i have been using the solar oil that came with my course its just really sore my nails seem to be digging in to my skin more than usual x
Hi, is it on all your nails?? can you put a picture on?

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