has any one done any training at Pinks Beauty Academy in Derby?


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Jul 16, 2007
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pinks beauty acadamy in derby ? just wondered as there prices look fab and the course is 2 hrs away from me so just checking its a good one lol! would be intrested if anyone has any comments on this training centre , its guild and babtac approved so must be ok ?
Vicky, I have no idea if they are any good or not, so hopefully someone who has trained there will come on and give you their opinion


I don't think being approved by The Guild or Babtac means anything

Jmho :)
I did some training there, being BABTAC approved mean you will get valid insurance. The courses are excellent, small classes and very thorough. I believe she was recently featured in Scratch mag, she is an excellent trainer...if only I could remember her name......!!!! She also teaches you the method to something and then lets you try out various different products so you can see for yourself and decide which products to use. I hope that makes sense!! I strongly recommend Pinks!!
Sorry, you are right Tonilee, about being able to get insurance :)

I am just sceptical because 'some' short courses are absolutely pants but they are still approved.....
Yeah some are, but to be fair lots arent too!! I get quite defensive about them!!! :)
I have done some really good ones too :)
Pinks is FAB!!!
I loved the massage course I went on.
Kirsty (I am sure that was her name) was really friendly and helpful.
Even though i live in kent i would still choose this place over any other.
KIRSTY thats it!! God that was starting to bug me!!!
cool thanks geeks ! its a fair way from me too so thought i would ask u lot !
hi vicky i live in derby and not heard of this course...where did you find out about it as i would love to find out more about it..as i want to do more training and been looking for another one in derby.
i just looked at the pinks website!i am so getting me some more training with them!! x
hi sarahlouise! i have been looking at these courses for a while now , but went with another one in windsor near where i live. ii have to say tho the reviews of where i trained are not good and didnt feel the courses were well priced, very expensive!!!! the site is www.pinkstrainingacadamy.com . the courses look great value for money and the training sounds fab . many other geeks have told me its a good course to do . its quite far from me t ho over 2 hrs away so would prob have to stay over nite . u also go bak 6-8 weeks later for an assesment then u get ur cert , unlike the courses i did where they gave them to everyone willy nilly even if they were crap lol! u can also do nvq or ihbc option with the pinks acadamy , where u make up ur portfolio at home then do tests a while later when ur ready . have a look , it looks quite good. will prob do massage and nails there after xmas!
thats wierd my link didnt work!!! try googling it chick it should come up .
lol , we must have posted at the same time .! glad u found the site chick ! what courses do u fancy doing ?
hi hun..well i have already done two nail extension courses but feel i need more training so i have just emailed them asking what course they can recommend that i take with them.x
cool thats great . let me know what hey say chick ! however i havnt had any nail training and did notice that u need the mani course previusly to get on one of the courses so i mite do the nails and mani combined course . have u done mani already too?
i have done two systems fiberglass /silk and tip and dip.i want to do l&p and sculps..i have not done mani,i too will wait till after xmas...x
ohhhh cool ! maybe i will see u there then lol!!! would be great to already know another geek on the course! my friend wants to do it too so hopefully me and her will drive up together~! im off to bed now chick but let me know what they advise u to do ! cant wait i love training days!!
yeah that would be sooooo cool hey! ok will let you know what they advise me hun...catch you on line soon x
hi vicky,i got an email back off kirsty from pinks and she advised that i could either go on a two day refreshing course covering things such as tip blending..more detail about pros and cons of all the systems,she said most peeps taking this course would be just starting out but if i want a refresher then its a good one to do!
or a infill course where u bring a mate (who needs infills)then they analysis where your going wrong and why ect.also goes into why nails come off...so i might go for both....xx

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