Has anyone had problems with Euphoria One colours not matching ring before


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ive just received my first order from euphoria one, I ordered colour right from the colour ring, which was a perfect match for my client.
The hair sent is a completely differant colour, ivs sent pics of the swatch from the ring against the hair sent and they are insisting the colour is in the right perimeter of the colour??
I've used sjk and glamorous lengths and never had this problem or been told this.
My client wants a refind today she's not happy to order from them again in case it happens again.
So I've refunded her £100 deposit, but now euphoria want to test my swatch before agreeing for refund.
I'm at my wits end


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Have you used the hair? If it's new in packing and just doesn't match then you won't have any issues getting a refund for returning an unused item.