Has anyone used ASP soak off gel?


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Sep 7, 2010
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As some of my clients do not get on with Shellac (ie chipping after a few days) I thought I would try a gel from a pot rather than a bottle as I'm assuming it will be thicker and a bit more robust. Has anyone tried A.S.P soak off gel?
I haven't tried ASP but I have tried OPI Axxium soak off gel colors that are in pots. They are supposed be be applied in 2 thin layers like Shellac. I personally think they are thicker and more robust, but they are also harder to remove. It can take up to 45 minutes to remove the Axxium.
ASP comes off easily 5-10 mins, its like cuccio.
I'd say to buy yourself the base coat (its different formula so you need it), a colour you like and a bottle of the top coat and try it. Top coat is optional but makes it more hard wearing. Try the glitterise for a nice sparkle or disco ball. It has 3 levels of glitter and a mother of pearl I use as special effects over the other colours, plus you can mix them on a piece of foil or dappen dish to make custom colours.
It's not a high end product but has some lovely colours and is easy enough to work with if your good with a brush.
Shellac isn't a gel it's a power polish which might be why some of your clients aren't getting on with it. Clients with thin/weak nails tend to have better luck with a gel overlay. If you are already using Shellac then a good gel to add into your line would be Brisa. It will use all the same prep products and the same lamp! Wich will save you on adding on another full product line :)

I also use Axxium but it never takes me 45min to soak. If you buff the top coat first before soaking it shouldn't take more that 10-15min to soak off.
Thanks. I've ordered the base coat, top coat and colour as you suggested and will give it a go! There are so many choices of different systems out there, it's a minefield!
Hey, I have to agree Mrs O there are so many products to choose from and as i'm just starting out it's really hard to know whats good and whats not. I have tried asp gels and really like them. I was impressed how easy they were to remove.:)

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