Has anyone used hemeroid cream for the under eye area


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Jun 4, 2009
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Has anyone used hemroid cream under the eye area, if so what were the results.

I've never used it myself, but Preparation H was once touted as the 'Detroit Face Lift'...LOL! I hear it does work for the under eye area.
HaHa. I tried this once after some old celeb or other on the telly swore by it as her "miracle" cream for dealing with bags and circles.

Was I mortified buying? - Hell Yes!

Did it work? - Not at all.

Save yourself the embarrassment!
It was always something that was said to be used by all the supermodels, the reason being that it tightens up the skin so helps get rid of puffy bags under the eyes when used over a period of time. The downside is that the skin under your eyes is very sensitive and thin so prolonged use of hemaeroid cream will deteriorate the skin and actually age it quicker.

Sorry for the incredibly long winded boringness of that I guess I really meant to just say don't bother, invest in a good proper eye cream!! lol xx
A client of mine tried this and she had a bad reaction to it.

I was tempted to try it myself 'till I heard that :)
Don't do it - skin is far more delicate and thinner in the under eye area.
Sorry guys, I'm not a skin geek but just thought I would add my input!
A friend of mine swears by it and won't use anything else! She does look fab to be fair, but I just can't imagine it myself!

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