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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Hi Guys!

Just wanted to say I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, even though I made my decision to leave the world of 'full time' nails I have met so many wonderfully supportive people on this board, thanks mainly to Ruthy, Sam & Sam, Geeg and Mui for always having words of wisdom! I hope your businesses continue with great success and you all have a relaxing January!! I have bagged myself a job and we are moving on Jan 3rd so it's all change in our house (not to mention manic! :shock: ), take care and stay safe! Lots of love Jo xxxx
Sawasdee ka jo jo

Maybe you stop do full time nail little bit but i think when you love to do nail like you do beacuse b4 you open shop to do nail is in your blood and for enjoy and happy so i know you will again do nail and i hope work or open shop better then one you have b4.

I wish that you still come geek and read and make some post and have very happy new year 2004 .

i want to ask 1 thing please what mean homerism no5 i no understand but read many time and no have in english dictionary.

Kop khun ka friend mui ka
Hi Mui!

Homer is a character on the animation series The Simpsons, he is notorious for saying funny things and they are called Homerisms, he is my hero! :D

aren't her 'Homerism's' AWESOME!!! :?: :?: We miss ya Jo xxx Happy Holidays back and good luck with everything x ;)
Well babe, what can I say ??????? Hankey in one hand and Voddy and Orange in the other..............
I wish you well and a very happy new beginning for you!!!!
Even tho you are leaving the nail world, dont leave ours, do stop by and say hello..................... We will miss you and your Homerism's........
So take care and most of all be happy.................
loads of {{{{Huggs}}}}
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